She’s Once… Twice… Three Times a Lady


“You can count on me like 1, 2, 3. I’ll be there
And I know when I need it, I can count on you like 4, 3, 2
You’ll be there. ‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah” – Bruno Mars/Count on Me



I set my water bottle on the drainage grate, my hula hoop in the grass and my bag of tricks on the sidewalk. Showtime! Five minutes later another Lady Liberty joined me. Then another climbed on top of a van. A third rounded the corner moments later. We were multiplying!

It looked like Costumed Mama was part of a back-up dance crew today! The occasion: Liberty Tax Service’s Roadside Party. There was food, drink, raffles and a bounce house.


You know what else was exciting? I got my very first “you’re number one” sign from a driver, and it was the perfect day for it! I’m just glad I paid close attention to my Waver 101 training video on audition day, otherwise I may have misinterpreted the driver’s intention. I smiled, waved and gave the thumbs up to show my gratitude.

I then decided it was necessary to have some other “firsts” on the street.

1) I sang out loud. (Flo Rida and Truly Scrumptious wouldn’t let me hold it in anymore)



2) I did a cart wheel. (It was the one thing on Liberty’s “Ways to Get Attention” list that I hadn’t tried)


You want see video, don’t you? Okay. But be warned: It’s not pretty.

3) I took my pants off. (After weeks of yearning for warmer weather I finally got my wish, and now it was too hot!)


Aren’t you glad the pants came off after the cart wheel?

And what you’ve all been waiting for…

4)     I posted some videos of Costumed Mama. (you need a laugh)

See her hoop it up here. See her do something else here.

5)     And lastly, I kissed a furry face on the job. DSCN7195Oh, wait – that might not be a first.

“I’m feeling like a star, you can’t stop my shine, I’m loving cloud nine, my head’s in the sky” – Jason Derulo/Ridin’ Solo