Peter Parker, Clark Kent, Diana Prince… Their superhero adventures are dynamic and exciting, but it’s their alter ego’s backstory that truly makes them who they are and motivates their actions. So it makes perfect sense to ask who’s the lady behind the mask…the quirky spirit peeking out from behind the face paint.


I’m a writer, an actress, a mother and a whole bunch of other things – many of which will be revealed through future posts and blog discussions. For now we’ll maintain some mystery and keep it simple.

I make costumes + I made children = Costumed Mama.

I love creating, assembling, and wearing costumes. I didn’t realize how much I came to enjoy this hobby until I had children and began to discover opportunities beyond Halloween to partake in the magical art of disguise. Costume competitions, athletic events, themed parties, video contests, school activities and holiday festivities are just a few excuses I’ve used to don a costume.

I have great fun coming up with original ideas for costumes as well as replicating existing characters’ looks. I especially enjoy repurposing items you’d never expect to be transformed into a dazzling costume accessory. I love a super cheap bargain so shopping at the thrift stores for costume supplies is one of my favorite things to do. It’s amazing the treasures I find among the racks and shelves of my beloved thrift stores. I’ll post pictures and explain how my costumes were created. I’ll also share video of characters in action.

This blog is so much more than a costume tutorial or a gallery of designs. It’s a collection of stories that result from being in those costumes. They’re the tales of human interaction and the views from the woman inside. Follow Costumed Mama’s adventures and discover where she goes, whom she encounters and where it leads.

What’s it like to step out into the real world as someone else? Experience it through Costumed Mama’s eyes and get a glimpse into the thoughts and feelings behind the mask.


Costumed Mama lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia with her two sons and husband. She’s a published author and award winning writer of short stories and juvenile literature. She’s been holding down a full-time gig as mother and homemaker for 13 years, and while she’s been involved in freelance and volunteer work through the years, she is currently exploring opportunities on the outside. She has worked in television production, advertising, the airline industry, magazine writing, and with a click back to the home page you’ll see what other crazy stuff she’s gotten into lately.  


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow!!! You nailed it. I can’t wait for more. The opening line is hooked me right in. I loved the alter-ego comparison. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the world. Great job!!!

  2. Hey Costumed Mama.. I see lots of your Lady Liberty “sisters and brothers” waving get your taxes done here in Sarasota , Florida. I look forward to your installments and plan to post your blog on my Facebook page as I have lots of crazy and fun friends who might like to follow your adventures.

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