Book ‘Em Mama

Costumed Mama is back after a two week hiatus. Thinking back to the Lady Liberty gig it all seems like a tiny blip on the radar. Did I really do that? The thought of dancing or waving on the street for any amount of time now just seems plain crazy.

Have you been wondering what Costumed Mama’s next big adventure will be? Me too. I am open to all possibilities.

I thought the job I was hired to do last week might be blog-worthy. It certainly fell in the category of adventure. I was cast in a locally produced television show and shot several scenes for “Happily Never After” as the sister of a murder victim. The acting was fun, and being on set was exciting but the wardrobe was boring. My costume was plain old street clothes from my own closet. Guess we’ll have to wait until I get cast in a period piece or a Sci-Fi project before I blog about TV or theater costumes.

So today Costumed Mama digs into her photo archives to celebrate Throw Back Thursday with the rest of social media. Scroll down and see how with a bit of fabric, glue and a whole lot of imagination, words and illustrations transform into living characters.  See if you can guess who these beloved children book characters are. They are some of my favorites.


“The B stands for Beatrice. Only I don’t like Beatrice. I just like B, and that’s all”


 I’ve been the Captain of Field Day, a Beauty Shop Guy and a Sneaky Peeky Spy!

“There is no place like home.”

DSCN0895 I live on a farm. I have a dog. I am guilty of involuntary manslaughter.


“Now run along and play but don’t get into trouble.”


Who knew this archaeologist was so adorable as a little kid!  No wonder a curious monkey followed him home from Africa.



“It spun faster and faster, then everything was still. Absolutely still.”


This brother and sister team hail from Frog Creek, PA. They travel through time via a very unconventional yet magical mode of transportation.



“To live will be an awfully big adventure!”

DSC03922All children grow up except this one. His address is second star to the right and straight on till morning.




“I love magic!”


He’s a star Quidditch player for his residential school team and he has a lightening bolt scar on his forehead.