It’s Not Easy Being Green

The first thing I did after accepting the Lady Liberty Waver position was go online and search for green face paint. Not just any green – it had to be a copper green patina so I could create an authentic Statue of Liberty face. The goal was to have it blend in with the costume.

Painting my face would be fun and I was all about making the job fun. Also, as a new employee of Liberty Tax Service, I was committed to doing everything I could to help market the business. Having a green face was one way I’d stand out and get people to notice my Lady Liberty.



I found Mehron Liberty Green makeup on eBay described as “Statue of Liberty Zombie.” When the tiny 3” makeup tube arrived I was concerned that the 1 oz. supply would only last for one or two applications but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. A little goes a long way and so far I’ve managed to get six applications out of it. I think next time I’m going to have to cut the tube open and scrape off whatever cream is left clinging to the walls for my final green face.



DSCN6949The consistency is very smooth and it doesn’t crack when it dries. I use water and a paper towels to wipe it off after my shift. It comes off so easily and quickly. I recommend this product, and I can only assume that the rest of Mehron’s makeup line is equally as good.


I had a Ben Nye face painting kit already at home so I was excited to think of other makeup designs for Lady Liberty. My palette includes white, green, red, blue, yellow and black. I painted on an American flag one day. It was a rush job, but still, I think it provided a dramatic effect from the street.

DSCN6504I applied a green shamrock with some silver sparkle on my cheek for St. Patrick’s Day. I haven’t done any elaborate designs since my red, white and blue day. I think it would be cool to do something metallic or sparkly but I haven’t come up with an appropriate design yet. I’ve also considered painting a bold star on my eyes or spattering tiny ones down the side of my face. I welcome any suggestions. What do you think?

There was one other bit of research that had to be done before I hit the streets and that was to add some classic dance moves to my repertoire. I came across this YouTube video, which was inspiring and hilarious!

But that’s a completely different story, and a description of my dance follies will have to wait for a future post. For some of you, the mere thought of Costumed Mama performing some of these moves is enough to keep you laughing until the real Lady Liberty video is released.



As you can see my car looks like a homeless street performer’s cart. I continue to acquire more props to have at the ready, and my next post will focus on these one-of-a-kind toys. I’ll tell you were I found some, how I made others and how I’ve incorporated them into my street routine to keep things fresh.


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5 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. Costumed Mama, you are one awesome employee for Liberty Tax, the rest of the wavers need to take a few pointer’s from you.

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